A six-month long story-telling social media campaign 
featuring a horse with an Olympic dream and 
on a mission to promote Equestrian!

Challenge — How about it?

The challenge

"We want to see more horses!"
The goal was to make Equestrian appeal to a target audience that outside the usual viewers demographic, attracting younger and more diverse people into this horse-filled (and sometimes unknown) world.

The client

Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI)
The International Federation for Equestrian Sports is the international governing body of equestrian sports.

Idea — From concept to reality

Our move

Showcase the Equestrian in a humouristic and shifted way so the general public can relate more than usual to this Olympic discipline.

OK, but how?

By creating a story about a genuine young horse whose dream is to win a medal at the Olympics in Rio. Tricky thing: he has no clue as to which sport he should compete in.

Brand content — Road to Rio

A condensed pilot to set the bases of the story

Billy’s journey to the Olympics was showcased to the audience through a very 
cinematic filter: a series of short films where we pointed out his inability 
to adapt to any sport that wasn’t, well, Equestrian, of course.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

After all these trials, Billy finally realizes that being a horse might help him perform better at... Equestrian!

The website


Billy also had is official website, where he shared his story with his fans and the press. It even had a meme generator to show how cool and millenial he is.

Pay Billy a visit

Social media management


As a true youngster, Billy was present on all major social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube…), on a daily basis, where his posts were not only about sports, but also about normal stuff like how bored he was and how he hates to wake up early.

After establishing this connection with fans, it was time to engage with 
media outlets / athletes / federations / digital influencers.

Dreams do come true

No, Billy hasn't won an Olympic medal (yet). But let’s just say he's definitely got a fair share of recognition in the Equestrian world from believing in his dream. Not only from magazines, athletes, trainers, and kids/teens/young adults, but also within the blogosphere.

Results and metrics — Time to get nerdy


Numbers of fans: 25795
3 languages (US/ BR/ RU)
Engagement rate: 5,82 %


Numbers of fans: 789
2 languages (US/ BR)
Engagement rate: 5,3 %


Numbers of fans: 2887
2 languages (US/ BR)
Engagement rate: 21,88 %

All networks

Engagement rate: 9,65 %
Reach more than 50 Millions
Views more than 6 millions

Bronze medal winner:
Social animals, best internet personality

Billy 💘 The Lovie

Billy’s campaign was chosen to be a finalist in the Lovie Awards and won 3 awards! He was also invited to compete in the Equus Film Festival, which is dedicated to all things Equestrian.

Thank You!